Finding a journal article in the e-library

This is a set of instructions for finding a particular article in one of the online journals that you can use if you are a matriculated University of Edinburgh student. In this case I knew the article I was looking for (it was from a bibliography from another article).

Let me know what you think about the instructions: can you follow them? Would you prefer more/less detail? Does a visual explanation help (pictures)? Does it make sense? Does this encourage you to go and try something similar for yourself?

  1. First you need to be logged on. The MyEd login page is a shortcut for several other sites, which in the past required you to have a separate ID and login. So you need to go to MyEd and sign in. Once you’ve done that, lots of things will become available to you.
  2. Go to the online library. You have probably used the online library in the past but you have not realised that you are doing this – we are so used to finding things on the WWW these days! In your MyEd account you should have a tab for the library – go to that tab. There should be a link there for electronic journals and you should type in the name Recall
  3. Get the journal. On the window that appears, for this journal there is only one option (sometimes there are a couple of providers – you need to check the dates to make sure that you will choose one that offers the years you want). Click on the link to Cambridge University Press and again a new window might open on your computer.
  4. Find the volume and article. On the page for the journal, find the link for volume 20 issue 1. Click on the link and you should see a list of the titles of articles. Find the article byAndreas Lund called “Wikis: a collective approach to language production”. There should be a link to click for either the abstract or the pdf of the article; click for the pdf and it should open up. It is then possible to save a copy of that (for personal use only).
  5. Note the full bibliographic details. This is not really part of the “finding an article” process but it’s a good idea to have a note of the full details: Lund, A 2008 Wikis: a collective approach to language production ReCALL, Volume 20, Issue 01, January 2008, pp 35-54

To see the same instructions in a presentation, go to:

Finding a journal article (using VoiceThread)

Here is the presentation as a series of slides (the powerpoint presentation has been uploaded to Slideshare and then embedded here)

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