adding a poll to your blog

After reading about an idea from a fellow blogger, David, I thought I would try out adding a poll to the blog. You need to create a twitter account as it is a twitter application, but that’s free. There are various twitter applications available.

You can create a new poll on

I tried a sample poll and was able to post it to my edublogs blog, but couldn’t find a way to post it on this blog. The best I could do was to use the “share this” link on the twitter poll to get this link:

twtpoll ::Would you use a blog for encouraging writing practice for teenagers?


However, there is a link to create a poll (when editing a post you can see the link just above the edit window) so I tried it for another poll:

This wasn’t easy – I had to save the blog post, then create the poll, send it to the editor, then go back to the blog post and click on the link to add a poll. I eventually discovered that I then had to “cancel” the edit, which then didn’t actually cancel it but allowed me to insert the poll into this post. Not very intuitive! I’m not sure that I will be able to remember how I eventually manged to get this poll on this blog post …


One thought on “adding a poll to your blog

  1. Hmmm… sounds a bit of a complicated path to take but that’s the way it seems to be with quite a lot of this new technology we are all inheriting.
    The end result, with the poll, is worth it though, in my opinion.

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