The Lost Book

If you’re interested in finding out about a way to write a mystery story using blogs, have a look at The Lost Book. It’s a collaborative writing event that is on-going right now (so you could participate if you like). Each episode has to be written in 100 words (exactly!); anyone is invited to write a diary entry for the next stage in the mystery, and each week the winning entry is posted. The diary can be written from the point of view of any of the characters in the book. From the information about the book this week

if you’re new to The Lost Book, you’ll need to catch up! You can watch episode 1 now. Episode 2 is in production, but you can read the outline, look at the storyboards and watch the rough. And, you can find out how production is going by reading the making of… blog posts. The episode will be released this Friday, 06 March

Thanks to the Frying an Egg blog for the link!


One thought on “The Lost Book

  1. Hello! Thanks for featuring us! We’re having a lot of fun writing two collaborative stories over at The Lost Book.

    One is the story of the investigation into the stolen book: investigative journalist Aileen Adler and her canine companion Watson are trying to solve the crime. This story is being made into an animated web series. Episode 2 will launch next Friday (06 March) and we’re working together to create the story for episode 3 at the moment – do visit if you’ve got any good plot suggestions!

    The second story is the diary, made up of 100-word microstories. The diary is the book that has been stolen! It’s an expedition journal – guest writer Jasper Fforde introduced the characters and situation in two intriguing newspaper articles. There will be a competition (and a winner!) every week through to Friday 17 July, so get writing! Jasper Fforde claims it’s “The most interesting collaborative book-writing experiment of the decade” – although he’s not exactly impartial!

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