Language Learning and Technology

A new issue of the online journal Language Learning and Technology has been published – see the list of contents here.

You may also find it interesting to look at the review of this book (the link is on the journal page):

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning
Terry Anderson (Ed.)
Article PDF
Reviewed by Mandy Reinig
pp. 24–27


2 thoughts on “Language Learning and Technology

  1. Hi Ruby and all,

    I’d like to tell everyone about a few learning technology sites that I’ve joined recently.
    If you haven’t already, you should get signed up for these learning technology groups. The content is totally relevant to what we are studying on this course. The group coordinators and other members have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

    As well as giving participants the chance to become involved in using a number of different Web 2.0 technologies, there will also be discussion of where we are now in the field of language learning and learning technologies, and where we are going. Have we reached a time when learning technologies are a ‘normalised’ part of our practice, or is there still some way to go?

    Week 1 (Feb 21-Feb 27) – Introductions
    Week 2 (Feb 28-Mar 06) – Blogs & Wikis
    Week 3 (Mar 07-Mar 13) – Audio tools & Virtual classrooms
    Week 4 (Mar 14-Mar 20) – Using Images & Video
    Week 5 (Mar 21-Mar 27) – Games and virtual Worlds
    Week 6 (Mar 28-Apr 03) – Round-up

    Last week (in SL)I toured Rome, Munich, Paris, London and Scotland… I was taken by horse and chariot through the streets of Rome:) and in Scotland (Loch Ness) enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and even had a ride on Nessie!! I took a picture but don’t know how to post it here… is an open community for education and training professionals. Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact and network with peers from across the globe. The community also features free group collaboration tools, such as virtual meeting rooms, a site-wide instant messenger, and virtual office suites, making it a vital place on the web for thousands of education professionals to meet and interact at any time.



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