On being mobile

It certainly seems to me that in 2010 there is an ever-increasing emphasis on being able to get information and be in contact with others at any time – travelling to work, in the air, on the train, finding friends, BBC news live from the scene, and so on. It’s not surprising that once again learning is coming along a little later than the entertainment side (first entertainment, then business, then education) but it seems to me that there is also quite a movement in education to make learning as mobile as possible also – flexible to the needs of the learner, and accessible from anywhere in the globe.

Last year I noted a journal article about some research on using mobile phones for vocabulary learning in Taiwan.  I’ve just been sent a link (thanks, Denny!) about an online conference discussing “mobile learning in the real world”.  If you want to be up to date with the latest ideas in mobile learning, and to have a chance to discuss issues with others, this looks like a good “conference” to attend. It looks as if it’s free!

If you decide to sign up for it, please let us know!


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