usability and students

I’ve just been pointed to the results of a study (Thanks, Marshall, via Neil Allison) about how students at university use websites. It’s an interesting study, covering students from quite a few different higehr education institutes in Australia, Germany, the UK, and the USA. The conclusions pointed to various things about designing and using websites in a university, but of particular interest to me at the moment (as I’m preparing web pages for next semester’s work) are the three myths that are debunked:

  • Myth 1: Students Are Technology Wizards

  • Myth 2: Students Crave Multimedia and Fancy Design

  • Myth 3: Students Are Enraptured by Social Networking

You can read the summary of these here

and the full report is available (follow the link at the end of the page) but as it costs a hefty amount I won’t be studying that!


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