OLL 2009-10

This is my annual tidy-up of the blog! Here are the links to blogs set up by students on the OLL course in 2009-10:



















2 thoughts on “OLL 2009-10

  1. I just read the website called, ‘Online Language Learning.’ Some of the posts talk about the use of ebooks, wiki and blogs. In terms of ebooks, I thinks it is merely a convenient way to get access to the book. However, I don’t actually read ebooks online. I prefer download them, select a few chapters and then print them out. Still, I know some people will download them to Smart Phone and then read them anytime available.

    As for the wiki, I don’t use it very often since I know the information on wiki consists of too much subjective and individual ideas which are not suitable to help me broaden professional knowledge.

    Lastly, I have my own blog, as a place to record my life and share the feelings with others. In addition, I love to brower others’ blogs, especially about cooking, make-ups and traveling. Through different blogs I look out beyond the place that I live. Just simply entering the blogs, I can ‘enjoy’ a different life in a few seconds!

  2. Hi Shirley
    Thanks for this – it’s good to know the kinds of things people do, and the reasons for choosing particular platforms. I was quite surprised, I have to admit, when I started reading ebooks. I had thought I would hate it, and would prefer to have the paper version. I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPad, and have discovered that I really quite enjoy it. The text is easy, and it’s comfortable to handle and “turn” the pages.
    I’ve also been thinking about publishing myself, and I think I’ll go for a Kindle version. It should be quick to get published. I have a software package (Scrivener) that will format your text from the computer into an ebook standard, suitable for either Kindle or e-pub format.
    I’ve become used to having some books on the go (I used to always have that – with a book beside the bed, several on my desk, and one in the sitting-room) and on some occasions I’ve been waiting in a coffee shop and decided to read a bit more in my Kindle on the phone.
    So I think I’m possibly almost converted!
    I think blogs and wikis have the same issues that you are taking about – the lack of peer review or editing by a number of others. That’s still what makes published books better. But there are blogs and wikis I can get great ideas from (some listed on the right margin here) and there are some well-known writers who have blogs. I think they are probably more equivalent to the conversation you might have with authors or colleagues, not equivalent to publications. In that sense you have to read them critically.
    More and more, I think my job as a tutor is to guide people into understanding the different kinds of texts that are available, and how we should be critical readers.
    I’d love to see your blog!

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