Starting to use blogs

With a new course, we are starting to use blogs – although for the first year qutie a few people have already got blogs up and running and have been using them for some time. It will be interesting to see what they use them for, and why they would decide to create a new one (or not).

Once you’ve created a blog, the next difficult bit is deciding what to write in your blog. Before doing that, it’s probably quite good to have a browse and see what other people are doing. Then when you find a blog you like, you can keep a note of it on your own blog so that you can visit it again easily. That’s what I’m doing now with the new blogs you are creating.

To do this, you need to open the dashboard or admin area of your blog. There should be a link to “links”; click on that. Then you will see a new page on which you can type the name of the link (you can do whatever you want) then paste the URL. On this blog, I also created a new category to help to keep the blog in order. I called this “blogroll 2010-11”. In the new link for someone’s blog on my blog, I made it fit the category “blogroll 2010-11” by clicking on that category name.

Are these instructions clear? Please leave a comment …


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