videos on blogs

Ever thought about doing a video to post on a blog? It was quite trendy a few years ago to creat “podcasts” – regular audio clips about a topic. There are still some good ones out there (I have a look every so often at Stephen Fry )

Here’s a You-Tube video made by Scott Thornbury. It’s part of his alphabet of EFL idea – focussing on the letter “p” he has decided to talk about the PPP model. I think it’s really interesting to see someone like Scott and have him talking directly about a topic, although I wonder if he could have varied his approach or maybe added a different background at some point?

If you want to embed a video from YouTube in a blog post, here’s the way to do it in WordPress (it will be similar in other blog hosting sites):

  • first, get the URL (the web address) from the YouTube site; copy it onto the clipboard (highlight the whole address; on a PC hold the Ctrl + C keys)
  • start a new blog post in your blog
  • make sure the cursor (the mouse on the screen) is at the place in the blog post where you want to post the video
  • click the small icon in the editing screen next to upload/insert – choos the one for “video”
  • you will get a window with instructions; follow the link for embedding a Youtube video
  • finish editing your post and save – the video will not appear in the editing screen but will appear when you look at the saved blog post in the blog

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