Keeping track of ideas

One of the things I mentioned in class today was how you keep track of ideas. It’s a huge problem. With technology, things change so quickly that you’ve got to be able to keep up.

If, like me, you find yourself browsing round the www and finding interesting things, and then getting lost and not knowing where you started or how to get back there, you might find ScoopIt useful. It’s basically a way to save internet pages, so that you can read them again later. I started a ScoopIt about mobile learning:

Although I’ve put the link there, and you can click on it to go to my ScoopIt topic, it’s not that interesting to see just a link. What I have also done, though, is set up an automatics feed so that when I “scoop” something, it also appears in this blog. You’ll see in some of the blog posts that they link back to the ScoopIt page.

The ScoopIt page (to sign up) is on

and the page to be able to find the embed code is on


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