Mobile Learning in ELT: Survey 2013

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Whether you use technology, mobile learning or avoid it please find time to answer these 20 questions and share your ideas, opinions and reflections and I will once again publish the results for all to share.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Learning in ELT: Survey 2013

  1. I saw many English language learning apps on Apple Store. Many of my friends download some of these apps like memorizing GRE Vocabualries and English Daily Conversations. But I also noticed that few would keep using these apps for a really long time. Their insterest would soon disappear after several days. So I think, applying these apps in learning process requires some compulsory tasks given by teachers.

    • I think you are right – there are so many apps out there but how to know which ones are the best for you, or really work for helping you learn a language. Maybe that’s a task for the teacher – to be able to keep up eith ideas and apps and to be able to recommend?

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