A wordpress blog doesn’t allow me to embed a VoiceThread directly into a blog post. However, I found this tutorial online to find a way around the problem. You need to set up a VodPod account as well as using your VoiceThread account.


I followed the instructions and managed to post my VoiceThread!

Note that some of the instructions are slightly different – VodPod doesn’t exist any more, and you have to use the new company Lockerz. Also the command to embed in VoiceThread is also different – this screenshot shows where it is now (red arrow):


So you have to create a Lockerz account – go to http://lockerz.com

The order to embed your VoiceThread:

  1. create the VoiceThread
  2. get the embed code for your VoiceThread
  3. open a new post on your blog (ready to insert)
  4. go to your Lockerz account and create a new video (see the green arrow in the picture above)
  5. paste the embed code into the box (it says “add video decalz”)
  6. continue, and save
  7. use the “WordPress shortcode” in Lockerz (the red arrow in the picture above)
  8. this gives you a code to insert in your blog; copy this code
  9. go to your WordPress blog post (in edit mode) and paste the code from Lockerz
  10. save the blog post and then view it on your blog

This is my VoiceThread now embedded:


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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