Creating a “blogroll”

I’ve used the links you’ve given in the discussions to create a list of all the blogs – this is often known as a “blogroll”. This makes it easy to find all the blogs with just on click. You’ll see the blogroll on the right of the blog.

You can create a blogroll yourself. As with all links that you create online, it’s best if you can copy the URL rather than trying to type it, so you need to have several tabs or windows open on your computer. Find the blog (or web page) you want to add to your list and copy the URL. Open a new window or tab to go to your own blog. You need to log in to your blog and go to the dashboard. On the menu on the left, you’ll see the list of actions and one of these is “links” and “add new”. Obviously, you choose “add new link”. On the window you will see that you have to put in the name – this is what you will see actually on your blog. Then on a separate line, paste the URL that you already copied.

You then have the option to add a category (you might have to scroll down a bit to find this). If you add a category, you will have different lists. You’ll see on this blog I’ve got a list for blogroll, for “other blogs”, for “useful links” and so on. You can create as many categories as you like. Add the name of the category if it is a new one, or tick the box if you already have the category that you want to use. Remember to save the page.

Now go to your blog front page, and you should see the new category and the list under it.

If you want to add more than one item to a link list at a time, just keep adding them and at the very end go to your blog to see. If you’ve made a mistake with something, you can always go back and edit later (I very often forget to tick the category!)


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