Keeping up with new ideas in online learning

One of the huge difficulties in evaluating online learning is simply keeping up with all the trends and changes. An online course which contains links needs a review at lest once a year – many links disappear or are moved. What was once the latest innovative trend has now become commonplace, or has been replaced with something. With new ideas appearing every day, it can be difficult for any one person to be able to find time to investigate, evaluate and analyse what they would like to do. So we end up browsing quickly, finding some interesting things we’d like to return to later, but then when “later” comes along we’ve forgotten where it was and how to find it.

This is exactly why some developments have been in ways to keep track – collecting (or “curating”) ideas according to a system (tags or categories) that you’ve created for yourself.

Two popular ways of doing this are to use ScoopIt and FlipBoard

Have a look at these ideas about each, and consider your own evaluation of the benefits of using either or both:



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