Language skills and technology

In block 1 of the OLL course we’re looking at various technology with a view to considering how valuable they could be in developing language learning. So far we’ve considered blogs and wikis. You’ve also been doing some reading about the theoretical basis for uses of these technologies.
We will continue to evaluate different technologies (and you may have some that we won’t be able to cover in the course) and we will also consider different ways we may do this evaluation. To start with this, consider what blogs and wikis have to offer learning each of the 4 language skills – reading, writing, talking, listening.
The discussion on the blog here is a preliminary set of ideas, so don’t worry about having drawn conclusions yet. However, you might like to refer to some literature (language learning theory, methodology, technology) to give weight to your ideas.

4 thoughts on “Language skills and technology

  1. I have read the article about the blog about the blog for specific purposes, it seems to me that teaching L2 (in the article L2 writing) is kind of new in my context. It amazed me that during school visit, each student in that school has an ipad from school in order to do assignment online. For me,I think I learning or teaching with blog is more accessible here. However, the idea of teaching with blog strikes me when I only taught with ppt or a short video downloaded, maybe it’s the time for me to adopt new tools to amaze students.

    • I agree – amazing that a school can provide iPads! I wonder, though, how long it will be before we think of that as an ordinary part of learning? It’s great to find out what is happening in other places; it gives us an opportunity to evaluate it before making expensive mistakes 🙂

    • But i am i afraid that it is still very difficult to use high technology to teach students in Chinese context nowadays. Finance, time or other problems like that tend to be considered very carefully.

  2. From my personal learning experience, I used to learn IELTS writing through reading blogs written by an IELTS teacher and posting my writing under his blogs. I think it works. However, I was wondering if there is any difference between different levels of learners learning through blogs. Will higher level learners(intermediate or advanced) blogs find it more effective or constructive for language learning than for lower level students?
    In addition, for many sorts of online learning, I think it might be necessary to have assessment tools available online so that teachers could know the effectiveness of different online devices. I have read some research journals with regards to the effects of online learning to students of different language proficiency, in which several tasks were involved in the online courses to scaffold the knowledge to students and to record the outputs of students (in terms of writing, replying of reading questions and many other forms). Accordingly I think setting tasks could be a nice choice to be included in the online course as it constructs new knowledge and provides written or oral information of students’ performance simultaneously.

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