Using SAMR: the process of creating online materials

Like many people working in online language learning, I have found Puentedura’s SAMR model a useful one to consider when developing materials. The model has four stages:  subsitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition

(here is a list of previous posts that refer to the SAMR model)

You can find Puentedura’s own blog with presentations and suggestions about using SAMR here; and here is a link to a powerpoint with exemplars.

To consider how this approach could help in planning online activities, I’ve worked through what you might do at each stage. This is one set of ideas – there are many more variations from the original activity that would be possible! If you can suggest some ideas (particularly at the modification and redefinition levels) then please add them to the comments 🙂

Original classroom face-to-face activity

The topic/theme we have been working on is “history of Edinburgh”. The language learning areas for this activity are reviewing vocabulary for places and for people, using verbs and adjectives for emotion, and using sentence length for style in writing. The skills area is developing writing skills in creative writing. The task was to write a story.

SAMR for writing skills (1)


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