Our sample activities

Here are some of the class activities in draft form. It will be really useful to have a look and give some helpful critical comments to the writer.





5 thoughts on “Our sample activities

  1. Thanks, Hsiu-Ting, for letting us see your wiki and allowing us to comment critically. It’s been very useful. For first impressions, it would be good if you could include some kind of video, photos, colors or something that would make the page seem more interesting. However, I wonder if this page is actually better to be simple and straight-forward? Maybe the instructions could be somewhere else? The problem there is that people probably want to have the instructions available as they are writing.
    Lots of possibilities!

  2. I had a look at Sue’s site on http://s1343403.wordpress.com. My first impressions were that it looks really easy to navigate – simple, uncluttered pages with clear text. I found an activity in block 1 week 4 http://s1343403.wordpress.com/semester-1/block-one/week-4-visiting-a-place/ The poll is a nice idea to start the lesson. I wonder if it would be possible to have something a bit more authentic for the next part, though. How about when people make the choice of reasons for choosing, you could create a hypothetical trip to the place? Or they could have to fill in a diary and choose two places, and then find out what other people have chosen the same ones so that they can go together?

  3. The activity Taylor has created on http://taylorzhaotianqi.wordpress.com/use-english-to-listen-to-music-session-4/ has lots of interesting ideas. There’s a range of things to try in different ways! My only concern would be that students have so much they have to do, but without any guidance. Have they done all the preliminary things before? Perhaps the task (it reads like task-based learning) could be as it is, but with some hyperlinks included to be used when people need some extra help? For example, for the first instruction “watch the film” there could be a link to some extra help for “what should I do when I’m watching the film?” – this could be a page of ways to note thoughts, feelings, ideas about the film.

    • Hi, Ruby. Thank you for your comment. I’m actually planning to make the first session face-to-face so that I can explain to the students how this course works and also how to use the online tools. At the same time, the first session is an example (or a face-to-face version) of the rest of the sessions. However, I’m aware of that only one session may not be enough for the students to understand everything, so I guess I have to provide some extra guidance as to how to use those tools and how to do certain activities.
      I don’t think the course I’m designing is totally task-based. It’s more like an integration of task-based learning and CLT. I do use tasks but my focus is on fluency, and I’m not planning to design any language focus section since I think students with a proficiency equivalent to that of college students may need communicative learning more than grammar items. However, I’m thinking about using a relatively old way — error correction — to selectively correct the mistakes in the students’ writing, but of course I’m not going to point their errors out as comments under their blog posts. I plan to write the corrections together with my answers to the students’ questions on our wiki.

      • Hi Taylor
        Focussing on fluency sounds like a good way to go. There’s lots you could do with authentic tasks, and especially when they have a good level of proficiency. Sometimes at that level trying to give them a challenge can be difficult to work out!
        I like your approach to error correction – making sure they focus on the content and ideas rather than on getting grammar and phrases correct.

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