Sample online language learning activities

Designing an activity for language learning online has many similar characteristics to an activity in a face-to-face classroom. Online, though, may include other elements. To think about this, have a look at some sample activities online, and evaluate them. There are lots of ways you could consider an evaluation of an activity, but here are some starting points:

  • start with your first impression – is it interesting? does it make you want to go further? is the topic/area something you are interested in?
  • evaluate the learner needs – what age / proficiency is this intended for? what background knowledge is needed? what socio-cultural features need to be understood?
  • consider the methodology – does the activity encourage real communication (is it communicative as a task)? does it encourage collaboration?
  • what are the outcomes – is there an emphasis on final product or also process? will it be easy to self-assess? is there an indication of further challenge / future learning?

Below is a list of some suggested sites to look for an activity (you can choose others if you like). Choose one activity and evaluate it as an online language learning activity. Post your comments here on this blog. Remember to give the URL in your comment. (use the “try it free” link)


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