Workflow and blogs

If you’ve just set up your first blog, you’re probably still playing around with the “theme”, tone and general look of the blog. The best way to do that, of course, is to just keep writing posts; at the same time, look to see what other people are doing. You can get great ideas from seeing the interesting posts classmates create on their own blogs. That seems very logical or intuitive. However, the practicalities can be a bit different – how do you keep track of all the different blogs? Once you add other websites to that mix, you start to feel a mild panic – “How can I keep up?”

There are several things you can try. These are not mutually exclusive – you can try all of them. It will become apparent, though, that it is really important to choose tools/technologies that easily integrate with others. You may find a brilliant app for some things, but if it only works in isolation you will probably soon abandon it. So it’s important to look to see what the technology/tool/app can link with. For example, you need some kind of cloud storage, so look to see if it supports importing and exporting from Dropbox, Googledrive or iCloud (whichever one you use).

To set up your blog, the tutors in the OLL course suggested that you use WordPress. There are, of course, many other blog clients around. If you choose another one, check to see that it will support embedding videos and pictures, that it can link to curating sites like ScoopIt or Flipboard. This blog post will be created and posted, and then I can add it to ScoopIt (“Mobile learning”), and from there it will be posted on Facebook. All of these are now linked, and the writer has to just do one thing and it then gets copied.

It works the other way too – ScoopIt items can be copied to this blog as a post.


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