Creating mobile learning

As more and more people use their phones every day and all the time, it seems obvious to utlise that for learning. However, moving from a computer screen to a phone is not just a case of making the same website available. There are some other things to remember – here are a few (maybe you can add to this list?):

  • the screen is much smaller, so some things won’t be readable; people don’t like to have to spend time zooming in to the screen
  • being able to pick up where you left off is more important than ever – learners are fitting in their learning in between other things and might just have 10 minutes but want to continue easily
  • having checklists or diary items will help to keep on track

For some ideas on how to create mobile-first learning  (while remembering some of the arguments for and against) have a look at this app

It’s created for marketing ideas, but some of the principles of mobile learning will transfer to any other learning content.

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