Blogroll 2015-16

Each year, we update the OLL blog and we change the blogroll. However, we don’t want to lose the links to previous blogs. You may find it interesting to see what people have created, and get some useful ideas.

Here’s the list from 2015-16:


Links to blogs from previous students (2014-15)

As we mentioned in class, each year we “tidy up” the blogroll so that we can add the new blogs. However, we don’t want to lose the links to previous blogs, especially those that have interesting information. So here is a copy of the links:

Thinking about blogs

To get an idea of how you use blogs, please choose:

So far, here are the poll results:

What is your experience of using blogs?

Answer Votes Percent
I read blogs by other people 4 36%
I have my own blog 2 18%
Other (see below) 2 18%
I’ve had a blog for a year or more 1 9%
I’ve never had a blog before starting this course 1 9%
I like getting ideas from blog posts by other teachers 1 9%
I’ve heard of blogs but never read any 0 0%
Other Answer Votes
I think blogs are a great way to encourage writing 1
I used it, deleted it, started another one, and deleted it..Now it’s a new one 1