OLL course information

Course materials, tutor feedback, assessment and evaluation are all areas where developments in ICT provide new possibilities for distance education, blended learning and supplementary course notes/exercises. The design, implementation and evaluation of these offer educational enhancements and also pose particular challenges for course designers and tutors. This course will explore language learning specific to these areas and course participants will be able to design and evaluate their own language learning materials.

During the course you will use discussion boards and other forms of communication with participants and the course tutor, and the first block of the course will focus on becoming familiar with a range of possible communication methods using technology. It is expected that you will bring to the course some expertise in related areas of teaching, learning and/or use of technology, and you will be expected to contribute this to support and collaborate with other course participants.

The assessment for the course will allow you to choose your own course to design and you will then use the suggestions and technologies for language learning to develop and explore a course for your own group of learners. You will justify the choices you have made in course design, considering theories and concepts from both language learning and the use of technology in education.

Your course tutor will be committed to working with you in online discussion, and in providing one-to-one support in the discussions over the coming weeks. In return, we ask that you demonstrate a commitment to the course collaborative activities and that you engage fully with the learning opportunities offered.


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