Creating dynamic learning materials

The range of possibilities for creating learning materials online that are interesting, motivating and accessible, keeps changing as more ideas and technologies are harnessed for education. You might be interested in ways to create infographics and animated images – so have a look at

Nik Peachey has give an introduction to what you might do with

Augmented reality and education

The same trends seem to keep appearing – new technology is first used by the entertainment / gaming industry (they have lots of money); then some businesses take ideas on board to keep ahead of their competitors; then education sees the potential and starts to consider how ideas in the new technology could be harnessed for learning. As far as I can see, the same thing has happened with AR. So what’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

This blog post has some useful ideas, as well as an info-graphic to visually explain the trends and ideas associated with AR:

Student blogs – some thoughts on using them productively

When setting up student blogs, it can be tempting to consider them to be simply an online version of what you would ask students to do in the classroom. However, there is much more potential! In this article, Kathleen Morris considers how to really make use of the potential of blogs:

Different approaches to using student blogs and digital portfolios

Some very useful ideas!