Using wikis

To have an idea of what a wikis is and how people are using it, have a look at this short video on YouTube:

Of course, planning a camping trip is only one way to use wikis!

To find out what people are using wikis for, and to have a browse at some possibilities, here are a few starting points. You may already know of some other wikis that are intersting – please send the URL to the discussions so that we can all have a look! (The list here is in random order – start anywhere)

You may have noticed that these sites are using wikis. They look like “ordinary” web pages, but on several of them there are instructions about how you can edit the pages. To be able to have a wiki you need to create an account with someone who will “host” your wiki – you will actually be using space on their computer and your wiki pages will be live to the world or can be private (if the host will allow this as a possibility). There are some issues you need to consider when choosing where to host your own wiki, but first you should look at the way it appears on the web page. As you browse various wiki possibilities try to answer these questions:

  • is it easy to see from the start page what the wiki is about?
  • can I find the information to move from one page to another?
  • is it easy to get back to the front page or an index so that I know where I am?
  • is the web page interesting enough visually yet still easy to read?
  • does the wiki have a good balance between simplicity and easy or reading and navigation, and looking sophisticated enough to be attractive to my group of learners?

Note: on both wikis and blogs it is usually possible to get back to the first/home page by clicking on the title of the blog/wiki


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