Create your own wiki

As you will have realised, there are many different “looks” a wiki can have, but they all work in much the same way. The instructions here are related to using PBwiki, but very similar instructions will work for other wiki hosts. You should now set up your own wiki.

  1. go to and look for the link to “try it now”; click the link
  2. you will have to create an account, giving your details and an email address; you also have to give a name for your new wiki. This name will be part of the URL so don’t make it too complicated. For URLs you cannot have any spaces or characters other than letters
  3. you may have to verify your account by checking your email (the email address you gave in the account) and clicking on a link
  4. now you should have a wiki!

Once again, when you have set up a wiki we would like to know where it is. You can leave the details on the class wiki:

Now consider these questions and note your own answers, and also post to the discussions:

  • Were these instructions clear?
  • Would you give different instructions to your learners?
  • Is it easier to have someone showing you what happens on the screen? Would you, therefore, consider giving your learners a short presentation (powerpoint?) with screen shots (copied “photos” of what your computer screen looks like)?
  • Are the instructions on the PBwiki site clear enough?

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